Jill Eelkema

When you need to have a tough conversation with someone who is getting older, or if a recent health event with a parent has left you scrambling to figure out what to do next, Western Care Partners provides guidance on care and funding as well as how to navigate the emotional side of these topics.  

➤ SPECIALIZED SERVICES: Intensive case management; supportive counseling; professional personal advocacy services; family assessment meetings; care conferences; Medicaid HCBS application assistance.

➤ WHAT WE DO:  We guide individuals and families through the maze of resources available as we get older or have a disability.  We support you through the process of prioritizing your options, making decisions and setting up care -- because sometimes there's a hiccup that sends us down a path we didn't expect.  Western Care Partners offers a complimentary phone consultation and, when needed, a more detailed assessment and plan.


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